Tara Showed up Too

Tara showed up at my place too. I guess she decided to go with dying her hair darker. I think it makes her look tough. I like it! Anyways, I poured me, Tara, and Genevieve some drinks. We went outside to the deck to talk and enjoy our booze. Genevieve was pointing out that Tara dyed her hair again. I laughed and asked Tara if she was gonna dye it again tomorrow. Tara gave me a smirk and said, "Meh, we'll see!" Man, women and their hair. They love playing with their hair! I think Genevieve had a couple cold ones before coming over because she seems to be a little buzzed. She was awkwardly looking into Tara's eyes for quite some time. I don't know, maybe the two were having a staring contest, lol!