Partying It up at the Oasis

Oh yeah, baby! This night is rock and rolling! The first thing I said to Tara when we entered the bar was, "Tara, I'm thirsty. We need to get a damn drink!" She totally agreed with me.

Anyways, we went and got Genevieve, she rushed to the dance floor as soon as we entered the bar, and we went to order our drinks. Man, the bartender was kinda slow because it took a bit to get our drinks.

After me, Tara, and Genevieve finally got our drinks, we huddled together and talked for a while as we sipped back on the good booze. We were just talking about good old times like the time when we all got together for New Year's Eve back in 1992. Man, did we ever have a good time that night.

After talking for a while, Genevieve ditched us to head to the dance floor. Me and Tara went to grab another drink and found ourselves a seat by the bar. Me and Tara were talking about our relationship. I said that I've never been any happier in my life. She smiled and blew me a kiss. She said, "I love you, Richard." I told her that I loved her too.

As me and Tara continued talking, I suddenly had some more flashbacks of when we were young. In one flashback, we were walking in some kind of park by a bunch of houses. It looked like we were around 15-16 years old. In another flashback, it showed that me and Tara exchanged letters in class about the trip that we were all supposed to go on which was revealed in my other flashback from earlier today. I don't know. This is so much to grasp onto because I can't seem to remember a lot about my past since moving to Willow Creek.

After me and Tara finished our drinks, I head to the dance floor to join Genevieve in some dancing. Tara joined us shortly after. Man, did she ever have some moves. I have to say that Tara sure knows how to dance.

Anyways, Genevieve has already left for the night. She had to go to the Blue Velvet to work. Me and Tara are now just about to grab another drink.


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