Chillin and Having a Drink

Well, I'm just finishing up with my drink before I head out to check out some of the houses in Windenburg. I saw this familiar looking dude here at the Shrieking Llama. I was pretty sure he was the same fellow I ran into a couple of times at the Blue Velvet back in Willow Creek. I also chatted with the waitress for a bit. Her name is Angela. She seems like a pretty modern and mature lady. I asked her how life is living in Windenburg. She said that she loves it and that Windenburg is the perfect community for sightseeing. After chatting with Angela for a bit, this drunk rowdy guy came in. He was up in my face, and I seriously thought I was gonna have to prepare for a fist fight. It just goes to show you that every place has their neighborhood bad drunks, lol!