A Vision of the World of the Present

Tara brought me a glass of water, and then I told her the details about the experience I had when I fainted. I told her about how I saw myself walking down a sidewalk in a familiar place that I couldn't remember. I also told her about how I looked so hopeless and lost. Also, another memory from the experience came to mind.

"I remember something else about this experience I had," I said to Tara. "Near the end of the vision, I saw a date of December 21, 2021, in my mind."

"Interesting," Tara replied. "That's 27 years from now."

"I know," I said. "What's even more interesting is that I looked older, but definitely not 27 years older, and this vision wasn't taking place in the world of the future either."

"I wonder," Tara responded. "Maybe you saw a vision of the world of the present that the Keeper of Time talked about."

"Yeah, that's what I'm thinking," I said to Tara. "But seeing that date of December 21, 2021, really throws me off."

"The Keeper of Time did say that this world that we're in now is a world built upon the past," Tara replied.

"What about the world of the future though?" I said. "We were only like 10-15 years older there, and I looked around that age in my vision."

Tara was puzzled. "I don't know what to say, Ricky."

Me and Tara were sitting on the couch in silence. We were trying to make sense of all of this.

Was that experience I had really a vision of the world of the present? If so, how was it that I was around the same age in the world of the present as I was in the world of the future but be in two different worlds at the same time? Yet, right now me and Tara are both 22 years old. If December 21, 2021, was the real date of that day in my vision, then I would be 49 years old in this world's time. Man, this is all just getting so fucked up.


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