Made Me and Tara Some Scrambled Eggs and Toast

I can't believe the awful service me and Tara received at the Queen's Leaf. I guess we won't be going back there anytime soon. Anyways, as soon as me and Tara got back to my place the first thing I did was give her a kiss on the cheek and apologized for what happened at the restaurant. She said it was okay, and we both just kinda laughed it off. After standing outside and chatting for a bit, we went inside and I made us some eggs and toast. That was an adventure of its own. I was stirring the eggs in the bowl and nearly dropped them on the floor twice. Tara came into the kitchen and asked if I needed any help, but I told her that I was all good. When it came time to cook the eggs, I ended up setting the pan on fire twice. Man, I'm just not having any luck with cooking lately. I nearly burnt the house down at the beginning of the month, I nearly burnt Tara's house down the other day, and now this... Maybe it's time to take a cooking class, lol! Anyways, the eggs and toast turned out a little burnt, but me and Tara sat at the table together and still enjoyed the meal. At least we didn't have to have lunch outside in the blizzard! Well, I'm just about to head off to work. I got a couple of new projects that I'm working on, so It's gonna be a pretty busy day today.



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