Me, Tara, and My Dad Chatting It Up

Me, Tara, and my dad are just chillin and chatting right now. We were talking about the beer drinking club. It's all set, man! Tara seems pretty confident that she could beat me in a beer drinking contest. I laughed and challenged her. When we all go for our first club hangout at the Old Quarter Inn, she's on! Of course my dad had to speak up and say, “You'll beat him, Tara. He's just a rookie!” Haha! Thanks, Dad! Of course he was referring back to that time a little while ago when we had our own drinking contest, my dad tooled me! Tara also talked a bit about her work and said that she needs to take a little vacation. She hinted on our old plans to go to Granite Falls for a few days. I told her maybe in a few months if I get that detective position. I'm gonna need to save up in order to go anywhere. I'm flat broke, and after I'm done replacing my broken stuff, I'm gonna be even more broke...



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A Farewell to 1993

The Party Begins!

It's Almost Party Time!

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