An After Work Few Drinks!

I went to the Oasis after work for a few drinks. I sure needed it after a hard day of work! Overall the night was pretty fun. I listened to some good tunes, talked with Eliza, an acquaintance I met back at the Blue Velvet, chatted with Stephon for a bit, and I even did some stand up comedy. The Oasis isn’t bad place to hangout, but I still think I prefer the Rattlesnake and the Blue Velvet more. Well, one more day of work and then it’s another two days off for me!


Having a drink at the bar.


Chatting it up with Eliza.


Chillin with Stephon, he's always around these clubs.


Doing some stand up comedy.



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Back to Work

A Well Deserved Reward!

My Shower Broke Down

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