The Portal

Well, here we are at the portal now. I'm just standing here and pondering. I don't know what to really think right now. I'm looking at the portal and just wondering what does all of this mean.

Genevieve approached me and asked if I was okay. I told her that I was fine. Tara's looking at me in silence. We locked eye contact. I smiled at her, and she smiled back. Stephon then came up to me and gave me a pat on the back. He told me that it looked like something was troubling me. Just as I told Genevieve, I told him that I was fine. I turned my head and looked at Brian. He's in a trance and staring at the portal. He's the only one out of us who hasn't seen it yet. Genevieve saw it before, but she hasn't gone through it yet.

Well, I think it's almost time to do this. I grabbed Tara's arm and pulled her close to me. I asked everyone if they're ready to do this... to enter the portal. Tara gave me a kiss and nodded her head, Genevieve said yes, Stephon said to lead the way, and Brian said that he's ready. Here we go. It's time to crossover to the other side...


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