Back in Glimmerbrook

We went through the portal again, and now we're back in Glimmerbrook. Stephon is still a bit dazed and confused due to the experience. I have to admit that I'm still pretty shocked myself. I would have never even dreamed of stuff like this happening in real life. Also, I noticed Tara's eyes changed color again. They went from blue to a light green. The color of her hair remained the same, and she no longer has her wings. I don't really know what's happening, but this is definitely some interesting stuff. Me, Stephon, and Tara were huddled by the portal talking about the whole experience in what I call the celestial world, and we all agreed that we gotta bring Harper and Genevieve through the portal the next time we're here. Well, it's pretty damn late, and we're all pretty tired. It's time to call it a night and go home for some good sleep.