Partying It Up!

The night is happening, and the drinking hasn't stopped. It's only started, hehe! I gotta say that I really do love the night life and good booze!

After I wrapped up playing the piano, I decided to join Tara and Genevieve in the bar area. I really enjoyed their company while playing the piano, but they both ditched me for some more drinks for the last quarter of my performance, lol!

Anyways, we were sitting there at the bar drinking some good booze and talking about good times. Genevieve brought up the time when we drank into the early morning at the Arid Ridge. This was around the first time me and Genevieve met. She's so awesome, and I'm happy that she's my best friend.

Tara brought up the time when we went to the Windenburg party back in January 1993. Man, we had such an awesome time that night. The best part was when we went swimming all drunk, hehe. Tara was so flirty in the pool. I love her so much.

Well, it's that time again. The thirst is pretty damn heavy, and I need another drink! I'm thinking I'm gonna go for a wrench. I love that drink! It makes you feel all good inside, hehe!

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