Chillin at the Blue Velvet

Rock and roll, baby! Rock and effin roll! Me, Tara, and Genevieve are having such a blast at the Blue Velvet. We're having some good drinks and some good fun! If I had a second home, I would have to say that the Blue Velvet would definitely be it, hehe!

We were at the bar area sipping back on our drinks and talking about this whole portal stuff. Genevieve was telling me and Tara that this whole thing is just so unbelievable. I agree, it sure took me by surprise. I told her that Tara was the one who initially discovered it when she went to explore Glimmerbrook. I told Tara that I was jealous because she got wings when going through the portal and I didn't. She laughed at me and said, "Too bad!" I shook my head and called her mean. She winked at me with a sinister grin across her face, lol!

Anyways, we continued having some more drinks and chatting by the bar area for a little while more, and then we went over to the piano so that I can play everyone some of my awesome piano music! Tara and Genevieve were drinking beside me and cheering me on. I also drew a bit of a crowd. People were giving me tips and sitting at the nearby tables just to listen to me play. What can I say? When I got good booze in me, I create beautiful music, hehe!