Me, Tara, and Genevieve Are Heading to Glimmerbrook

Well, I gave Tara and Genevieve a call. We're just at my right place now. Genevieve was really surprised to see how Tara's eyes were brighter than the last time she saw her. She also told Tara that she liked how she dyed her hair blond. I told Genevieve that Tara didn't dye her hair. Genevieve was looking at me all confused. Anyways, me and Tara explained everything to her about how we went to Glimmerbrook, went through a portal, and how Tara's hair and eyes changed. We also told her about how Tara had wings on the other side of the portal. Yeah, Genevieve was looking at me and Tara as if we were a bunch of crazies, lol! Well, we're just about to head off to Glimmerbrook. I can't wait to see the look on Genevieve's face when she sees the portal!