Saved the Burgers and Cleaned Up

Me, Tara, and Stephon had such a blast tonight. I can't believe Tara won at bowling again. I was so confident that I would be the winner. Man, she's just good. Next time I'll just have to try harder. Stephon didn't stand a chance against me or Tara. He couldn't even hit the bowling pins, lol! Anyways, I just got back home a little while ago. Sadly, I forgot to put my beautiful burgers in the fridge before we left to go bowling... That didn't stop me from saving them though. They may have been sitting outside for a few ours, but there was no way I was gonna throw these beauties out! I took them inside and immediately put them into the fridge. Afterwards, I did some cleaning. There were dishes everywhere. Thank God for my lovely dishwasher! Well, I'm heading off to bed now. I gotta get some rest because I gotta get up for work tomorrow.