A Vacation Almost Over

Well, it's almost time to say goodbye to Sulani. Me and Tara sure had a lot of fun together here. I'm so happy that Sulani was the place we got engaged at as well. The ocean was just the perfect spot to ask Tara if she would marry me. This day forward, I'm calling that ocean the ocean of Tara. One day in the future, we will come here again.

Anyways, we're just spending the final hours inside of the rental unit. The sink broke down and sprayed water all over the place. I really didn't want to fork out cash to replace the sink just in case we got accused of breaking it. So, I decided to put my handyman skills to work! I messed around with the sink for a bit, Tara came and gave me moral support, and I finally got her fixed! I let out a cheer of joy because I did something really useful, lol!

After fixing the sink, I made myself a nice ham and cheese sandwich. It was so delicious! As a kid, I never liked ham. However, as I grew older, I also grew to really love it. It's funny how things change like that.

Also, Tara was such a sweetheart. While I was enjoying my ham sandwich, she cleaned up all of the water that sprayed onto the floor. We make a good team. I fix the sink, and she cleans up the mess. Yeah, that probably sounded a little bad, lol! Of course, I would have cleaned the water up, but she persisted that I enjoy my meal and said that she would clean it. I love her, she's an awesome girl.

Well, I'm getting pretty sleepy now, and I think it's time to head to bed. Me and Tara will be getting up fairly early in the morning to head back to Willow Creek. I'm gonna miss Sulani, but at the same time it will also be nice to be home again. I can't wait to tell Genevieve, Stephon, and the rest of the gang that me and Tara are engaged.