Wandering Outside Around the Coffee Shop Together

Me and Tara finished up our coffee, and then we decided to take a walk outside around the coffee shop to enjoy some beautiful winter scenery together. We stopped by the fountain and did some smooching. It felt really nice kissing her with the cold wind brushing up against our faces. We hung around the fountain and talked for a bit, and then we continued walking. We made our way to an ice rink. We were both contemplating if we should try ice skating, but after how bad we did at roller skating back in September, we both decided to hold off for the time being, hehe! After we left the ice rink, we went down by the river. Me and Tara hugged while admiring the snow and the frozen river. I was telling Tara how I refuse to cross a frozen river despite knowing it's frozen, I've always been paranoid about falling through the ice since I was a kid. Tara chuckled as she moved onto the frozen river. I shook my head, and then Tara stuck her tongue out at me, lol! I knew she moved onto the frozen water deliberately just to tease me. Anyways, we're still down by the river. We're just talking while we continue to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery together.

Me and Tara kissing
Me and Tara
Me and Tara
Me and Tara hugging
Me and Tara

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