Having a Blast at Planet Honey Pop with Tara and Genevieve

It's really happening at Planet Honey Pop tonight, we're having such a blast! Me, Tara, and Genevieve were sitting down and chatting it up. Tara was telling us about how she might be changing jobs. She was saying that she's tired of being a business lady and wanted to do something a little different. She was thinking of maybe getting into gardening or something. Just before Genevieve ran off to the washroom, she told Tara that sometimes change is good. I can understand why some people might think change is good, but for me I'm one of those guys that hates change! I'm just stuck in my old ways a lot of the time.

Genevieve was still in the washroom, and it was just me and Tara. I was telling Tara how exciting it would be if I became so famous from my music that all of Willow Creek would know about me. She chuckled and cracked up a joke. She said if I become super famous and she gets into gardening that she would become the famous musician's famous gardener sidekick, lol! Wouldn't that be something. I will compose you a composition, and Tara will do all of your gardening!

After Genevieve got back from the washroom, we ordered up some drinks. Oh yeah, gotta love the drinks! Anyways, we were drinking and Genevieve starting talking about the duet. She was trying to convince Tara to sing with her, but Tara was like no way! I was just sitting there all quiet hoping she wouldn't ask me, lol! Unfortunately, they both teamed up on me and said that I should sing in the duet. I told them my singing is just so horrible, but they both just wouldn't let it go. So, I budged and said fine and that I would to it. Of course, after I have a few more drinks!

Afterwards, we went to watch some other people do some karaoke. I was still trying to get the courage despite already having a few good beers in me. We watched this chick sing, then a guy, and then it was me and Genevieve's turn coming up...

It was our turn, and we sang together. Man, this was probably one of the most embarrassing things to happen to me in my entire life! Hearing my own voice coming from the speakers didn't help either, lol! I could see Tara in the crowd chuckling. She gave me a wink and blew me a kiss. I smiled at her and blew her a kiss back.

So, me and Genevieve finished up with the duet. Tara came up to me and gave me a big hug and said that I did a good job. I thanked her and quickly ran away to get a nice strong drink. Man, my nerves were just shot. I definitely won't be doing that again anytime soon, lol! If Genevieve wants to do another duet, she's gonna have to look for somebody else to sing with her!

After I ran to get my drink, this other lady walked up on stage and began singing karaoke. Wow, I couldn't help but really admire her singing and the music. It was actually quite nice. I could see from the distance that Tara was enjoying it as well. Yeah, I was in the distance hiding from everyone while I sipped back on my drink to restore my nerves. I made this drink really strong! Genevieve found me and laughed. She was like, "Come on Richard it wasn't that bad." I was like, "Yes it was," lol! She laughed again and went to get herself a drink.

I was really hammered now. I had a couple more strong drinks and then began singing to Tara, lol! I don't know what got into me, but I was just sitting there at the bar and I had this deep urge to sing to Tara. Sadly, I sang for about a good five minutes or so... Tara was smiling and chuckling, but she said I was being cute.

Anyways, we're just having some more drinks and chatting. I'm way past drunk and am slurring my speech, lol! I might need Tara to take me home soon before I end up passing out in the chair.

Me and Genevieve doing a karaoke duet, it was so embarrassing! I don't like singing!

I had a lot to drink and I'm so hammered that I'm singing to Tara!