A Pleasant Surprise

Work was pretty damn awesome this evening. I indeed did end up submitting an application and my composition that I composed for Tara to the organization running the Starlight Accolades Awards. They reviewed my composition and they really liked it. They took my photo and added my name to the list of new inspirational composers. This is really good news because that means my name has finally reached the surface for fame at the professional level. Sure, I’m not as famous as a lot of those big shot film composers, but this is a good start!

Anyways, I had a surprise waiting for me when I got home from work. I was gonna give Tara a call as soon as I walked in the door, but she was already at my house waiting for me to come home. After a hard evening’s worth of work, it's such a beautiful feeling coming home to the girl you love. She told me to sit down and relax and that she would prepare and bring me my dinner. I told her that she was such a sweetheart and gave her a kiss.

I told Tara about what happened tonight in regards to the Starlight Accolades Awards, and she said that she was really proud of me and that she is very happy that my music is reaching a new level of expertise. I also told her that the composition I submitted was a composition that I composed for her. Her eyes lit up with excitement and she said that she wanted to hear it. I told her that I'll play it little later after we have some wine together. She smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Well, me and Tara are just gonna go for a walk. We ended up deciding to take it easy for the evening instead of going to the lounge for that talent show she mentioned in her text earlier this evening. Honestly, I like it better when it's just me and Tara anyways. I just love spending time together with just the two of us.