At Tara's House Getting Ready to Go Roller Skating

I'm just at Tara's house, we're getting ready to go roller skating! I was telling her that the last time I went roller skating I was just a little kid. I also told her that I did some rollerblading in my teen years and that I really sucked at it. I was telling her about the time when I went rollerblading down the hill of an overpass and ended up falling and scraping my elbows and knees and went tumbling down the hill. Tara laughed and said that if I hurt myself roller skating she'll take care of me. Awww, what a sweetheart! Also, it's good to see my little buddy Tigger. It looks like he's pretty happy living with Tara. He was really excited when I pulled out the treats, hehe! That little bugger sure loves his treats!

Me and Tara
Gave Tigger a treat


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