The Leaves Are Falling and Water Damage

The leaves are falling! Yup, that's fall for you. That means there's gonna be a lot of yard work coming soon. I remember the joy of raking leaves before moving to Willow Creek, such fun stuff! Willow Creek is such an interesting place. In 1992 it was summer the whole year, but I guess this climate change stuff really is making big changes to the environment and weather. Apparently, we're supposed to get winter this year as well. I'm really looking forward to shoveling snow, hehe! Anyways, there have been some drawbacks to this change is weather. With all of the heavy rain and thunderstorms we've been having lately, it has completely destroyed my picnic table and chairs with water damage. I’m gonna have to replace them. I’ll probably drop by the store after work tonight and pick up a new table and set of chairs. Who knows, maybe I'll get something a little more fancier this time!

The leaves are falling
Damaged picnic table and chairs

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