Spending Some Time with Tara Before I Go to Work

I'm just spending some time with Tara before I head off to work. She scared the heck out of me! I gave her a set of keys to my house a couple of days ago so that she could come over anytime she wanted to even if I’m not home. Anyways, I was eating some eggs and toast and she came inside so quietly that I didn't hear her. She snuck up behind me and patted the back of my shoulders. She scared me so badly that I fell out of the chair because I totally didn't know she was there, lol! She was laughing so hard, and then I began laughing pretty hard too. What a girl, I love her!

We were looking at some of the photos we took last night at the Beer Drinkers club gathering at the Old Quarter Inn. She pointed out at the photo where I was trying to sing last night, and she chuckled. Yeah, I'm feeling a bit embarrassed now since I don't got any liquid courage in me. It's amazing how brave you can be and what you can do when you have a lot of good booze inside of you! I know one thing is for sure, I sure wouldn't be singing if I was sober, lol!

Me and Tara were talking on the couch about how much of an awesome time we had together in the last few days. We always have a good time together. In matter of fact, she was trying to talk to me and I interrupted and tickled her. She tried so hard to make me stop, but I just continued to tickle her. Eventually, I did stop and then she started tickling me, lol! This is the thing with me and Tara, we just have so much fun together. We love being around each other, we love spending time together, and we just make a perfect and happy couple.

Anyways, Me and Tara are still on the couch. We’re just talking and cuddling. I whispered I love you into her ear, she smiled and gave me a kiss on my cheek and said that she loved me too. Man, I really don’t wanna go to work. I would rather spend the day with Tara. I just got this new promotion though, so it’s best that I go to work rather than taking a day off. I have a day off in a couple of days though, me and Tara can spend the day together then.