Playing the Piano, Having a Drink, and Then Calling It a Night

I just finished playing some piano, you know beefing up my skill and all. Technically, I'm a professional now but I still feel that there's much more work to be done. It makes me wonder which path I want to take though in regards to instruments. Do I wanna be a better pianist, or do I wanna be a better violinist? Perhaps I can even master both. Whatever the outcome is, my main goal is to become a professional film composer. I just gotta keep working at it, and I gotta continue onward with trying to make a name for myself. Anyways, I'm just having a nice cold drink right now before I head off to bed. I'm really looking forward to Tara coming over tomorrow night to watch a movie with me. I wonder what we should watch. Perhaps she would like to watch a romance flick. Whatever movie it is, I'm just glad we're gonna be spending more time together.