A Great Evening at Work and Going to the Blue Velvet to Do a Performance

I had a great evening at work today. I can definitely sense that new promotion coming soon, and that means I'll make more moola! I'm already beginning to build a name for myself. In matter of fact the manager at the Blue Velvet has hired me to come and do a performance in a couple of hours. I'll be playing the piano during the late night, so I'm pretty damn stoked! Anyways, I got home and man it's still pouring rain out there. I like it though, the rain is just so soothing. I had a ham sandwich for dinner, I love ham sandwiches! They always hit the right spot. When I was eating my sandwhich, I realized that I forgot to fill Tigger's bowl up with food. The poor guy went many hours without eating. I made sure to really fill the bowl up after I finished my sandwich though. Well, I'm gonna get ready and head off to the Blue Velvet a little early. I wanna get a few drinks in before I begin playing the piano for the late night.