True Love!

You know the love is real when you're in desperate need of a shower and your girlfriend kisses you anyways! I was standing with Tara and snacking on some leftovers, and she said that I smelled bad. So, I took a whiff of myself and yup I smelled pretty bad. I haven't had a shower in a couple of days... However, my smelly odor didn't stop Tara from giving me a kiss. She rushed at me and placed her lips on mine, and we held each other as we kissed. It felt so good and warm. Anyways, we talked on the couch for a bit, and then we ordered some pizza. It was delicious! I ordered us the pepperoni special which came with triple pepperoni. While we were eating, I blew her a kiss across the table. We've been doing a lot of flirting, and I like it! Afterwards, we went outside and talked some more, and again she gave me another kiss and told me that I was smelly. I'm glad we're so comfortable around each other, lol! True love!

I was smelly because I needed a shower, but Tara still kissed me.

Me and Tara were talking outside, and again she said I smelled bad, but she still kissed me!