Genevieve Showed up Too

I'm quite worried about Tigger. I'm still puzzled as to why he would just run away like that. I'm going to put out some lost pet notices before I head to work today. Anyways, Genevieve also showed up too. It's always a pleasure to see my best friend. Me and Stephon told her about the jungle resort that we want to go to, and we asked if she wanted to come along with us. She said that she's up for it. I also want to ask Brian if he wants to come too. It would be awesome if Genevieve and Brian ended up hooking up. Genevieve was showing me some of the pictures we took together. Man, we had so many good times together. After she showed me the pictures, she got all goofy and started making jokes to try and make me laugh. She could see that I was upset about Tigger running away. Well, now we're all just chatting it up while having some drinks. I'm gonna end up being drunk by the time I get to work, lol!

Genevieve showing me some of the pictures we took together.

Genevieve joking around to try and cheer me up.

Me, Genevieve, and Stephon having some drinks and chatting it up.