A Lively Evening at the Oasis

It's a lively evening at the Oasis. Genevieve, Stephon, and my dad also showed up. It's pretty cool that I got to share the good news with my dad and Stephon about me and Tara being in a relationship with some nice cold drinks!

Anyways, me and Tara are having a great time together with everyone else. We got to show our love for one another by kissing in front of everyone, it felt so good holding and kissing her.

Me and Stephon had some drinks together at the table and talked about taking the ladies on a road trip to some jungle resort. I think it would be an awesome idea since the plans we had for Granite Falls a little while ago ended up getting cancelled.

Afterwards, me and Tara went to chill with my dad. He's pretty excited about me and Tara's relationship, and he said he can't wait to let my mom know. I'm gonna have to bring Tara over to their house one of these days so we can have dinner together.

Well, the night is still young and I'm getting a little boozed up! I'm just doing some nice groggy dancing right now. Good times, good times!

Me and Stephon talking about taking a possible road trip to a jungle resort with the ladies.

Me, Tara, and my dad chilling and having some drinks.

I'm doing some groggy dancing!