Invited Tara over and Apologized

I invited Tara over and apologized for what happened earlier. I explained everything to her, and she said that all was good. Thank heavens, I was really upset and worried. The last thing I want to do is jeopardize or ruin something special like the beautiful relationship that me and Tara are working towards.

After I apologized and Tara said everything was okay, I gave her a really big hug. We were talking about the date and how wonderful it was for the most part. I blew her a kiss, and I swear that I could just feel and see the hearts circling around my head. We were just standing there and looking into each others eyes with so much passion. We were both smiling and rocking back and forth. I'm so in love with her.

I introduced Tara to Tigger, and she thought he was so cute. I told her about how I rescued him from the pet rescue shelter, and she looked at me as some kind of a hero. Tara told me she likes cats too but that turtles were her favorite.

Well, we're just about to head down to Brindleton Bay. I was going to go tomorrow, but I figured today would be a good time so me and Tara could spend some more time together. My little buddy Tigger will also be coming with us. It will be awesome going to the ocean with Tara. The ocean is my favorite place to be, and being there with her will make so much better.