A Busy Day as a Cadet

It's been a pretty busy day so far at the new job. I kinda like it though, I like keeping busy. I'm helping a detective with a case. It seems like the criminals have struck at the Solar Flare. So, I did some statement taking from the witnesses. One of the witnesses was my ex-friend, Justin. We got into a heated argument on opinions over the phone a little while ago, so we ended up clashing pretty badly. I ended up ditching his friendship because he had some pretty messed up opinions. Anyways, after I spoke with all of the witnesses, I searched for some evidence, took some samples, and took a few photos of the crime scene. Afterwards, I returned to the police station to analyze the evident samples that I took, and then I submitted the results to the detective who was handling the case. Well, I still have a few hours left to go. I'm about to go take some mugshots and fingerprints. This should be fun!

Taking statements from the witnesses.

I found a piece of hair as part of the evidence.

I did some analyzing on the evidence.

I submitted the results of the analysis to the detective who is handling the case.


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