Still Partying It up at the Rattlesnake

I’m still partying it up at the Rattlesnake! This whole guys night promotion is just frigging awesome, man! The booze is so incredibly cheap tonight, I wish it was like this all the time! Anyways, it’s been an interesting night so far. Jermaine showed up, and so did this dude I haven’t seen in a very long time.

The guy in the suit, Jacob, he used to be a bartender at the Arid Ridge and the Blue Velvet. I never really knew him, but we talked a few times. So, I asked him where the heck he’s been. Jacobo said that he went on some important business trips for a while which is why he hasn’t been around. He also said that he’s currently working at a company called, Make a Dish.

Jermaine has definitely had his share of booze tonight! He’s been slurring his speech a lot. He was telling me and Jacobo about this hot chick that he met the other night while bartending. He said that they really hit it off and that he even got her number. That’s pretty cool, we all need some loving. I told him to take it slow and easy, but he said that they already had phone sex. I guess some people just like to rush into this kind of stuff!

This guy, Jacob, used to bartend at the Blue Velvet and the Arid Ridge. He now works for a company called, Make a Dish.

Jermaine told me and Jacob that he had phone sex with some chick he met the other night.