Catching up with Genevieve

I tried calling Tara, but she was sleeping again. So, I decided to hang out at the bar with Genevieve while she was working. Stephon showed up for a bit, but he had to leave somewhat early tonight because he had some plans with Lydia. Genevieve just finished her shift, so we are now having a few drinks together catching up on some old times. She blew me a kiss... Damn, I know she likes me, but it’s just a real difficult situation now with Tara in the picture. I don’t know how I’m gonna tell her that I have feelings for Tara. Either way, it’s still good to see Genevieve, she is my best friend here in Willow Creek.


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Into the Late Night with Tara

What a beautiful ending to July. I had such a really great time with Tara this evening. Later in the night, we went outside and had a couple more drinks on the patio. We were both happily drunk and ma