Unanswered Calls

Tara went inside to get her phone to call Genevieve, and I tried calling Stephon and Brian from my phone, but neither one of them answered. I had this feeling inside of me that this wasn't good.

Tara returned outside. "Any luck getting in touch with Stephon and Brian?"

"No," I replied. "I tried calling both of them multiple times, but they didn't answer."

"I'm getting worried, Ricky," Tara replied. "I tried calling Genevieve, but she didn't answer either."

"Yeah, this isn't good," I said.

Me and Tara are gonna go search around Willow Creek to see if we can find Genevieve, Stephon, and Brian. Sadly though, I fear the worst may be the reality. When I brought me and Tara back home from the world of the far past, I may have distorted the events of time and left our friends in the world of the future. They may not even exist in this time and world anymore...


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