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After that huge argument I got into with my ex and her slapping me, I really needed to find a way to calm down. I took a shot of vodka, and then I went into the bathroom and talked to myself in the mirror. I told myself not to let her ignorance get to me. After spending a few minutes talking to myself in the mirror, I couldn't help but think about how ridiculous it was to be talking to myself in the mirror. My anger turned into laughter, lol! I'll tell you one thing though. I'll be keeping my distance from my ex going forward. She's just a lot of trouble.

I had a pretty good evening at work, but when I got home I was in for a surprise. My ex showed up at my door... I ran into her a couple of times since I moved to Willow Creek. Apparently, she moved here sometime in the last few months of 1992.

Anyways, I wasn't gonna be rude and tell her to go away, so I invited her in. I poured us some drinks and we started chatting it up. We ended up getting into a conversation about relationships. I told her the good news about how me and Tara are now engaged. She told me not to even bother marrying her because I would most likely be divorced in a few months anyways. Man, her rudeness and ignorance just ticks me off. I told her that me and Tara are very happy together and that we are going to be together forever. She just laughed and continued on with how me and Tara's marriage wouldn't last.

After exchanging some more words with each other, I told her to get out of my house. Right before she left, she yelled and cursed at me, and then she slapped me. Good grief... This woman needs to find some happiness and positivity in her life.

I slept in pretty damn late today. I guess that's what happens when you enter portals and go to other worlds, hehe! Anyways, when I got up, the first thing I did was check the mail because I usually get my bills on this day of the month. I was pretty happy to see that I didn't owe a lot like last month. Sulani was a pretty expensive trip, but it was well worth it. After paying my bills, I had a nice cold drink, and then I did some violin work. I'm now just getting ready to head to work. I have some big music ideas that I want to present to my boss. I'm hoping he'll like them.