Well, before me and Tara were gonna head off to go bowling, I wanted to grill up some burgers to get a little grub in us. While I was talking to Tara and grilling up the burgers, my bro Stephon showed up. I haven't seen him since the New Year's party that I had in Sulani. He was like, "Dude, you and Tara look different!" I told him about how me and Tara went to see a fashion artist to change things up a bit. I told him that 1994 WMT is a new year of change. However, I didn't tell him that me and Tara are now engaged. I'm waiting to have another gathering so that I can tell everyone at once. Anyways, after I finished grilling up the burgers and we began digging into them, I told Stephon that me and Tara are going for some bowling soon. I invited him to tag along with us, so it's gonna be a party of three. We're gonna have a lot of fun, and I'm gonna win!

Tara arrived a little while ago, and the first thing I did was give her a hug. I noticed that she changed her hairstyle again. She went back to the darker color and went with a similar style as her old hair. I asked her why she changed her hairstyle again. She said that she didn't really like her Sulani style, so she went to the hair salon the other day to get her hair fixed up. Meh, I thought it looked good myself. Women, they really love playing with their hair, hehe! I also noticed that she got her belly button pierced and that she got some colored contacts to make her eyes look teal in color. I have to say that I really do like her new style. She looks gorgious. Anyways, me and Tara were talking inside while having some wine. I mentioned to her that I think we should go for some bowling later on in the evening. She laughed at me while she sipped on her wine. She was making fun of me because she beat me at bowling the last time we went. I assured her though that this time I would win! She just laughed even more, lol! She's all good for it though. We're gonna have our re-match in a few hours! After having our wine and chatting it up, we went outside to enjoy a little rain. I was telling her that I kinda missed the snow. She said she did too because she really enjoyed knocking me over with that snowball when we had our little snowball fight a while back. I was like, Tara!!! She laughed and gave me a sinister grin. Man, I love that girl. She's loving and caring, but she also has that mischievous side to her. I like it, hehe!