Hello! My name is Richard. Welcome to the world of memories.

Awakening Memories

This is the experience of me going back into the past and getting a second chance at life. The world consists of both the people of my life including those who I have lost, and the people who I meet during my new life. Awakening Memories was created so that I could experience and enjoy a new life, the way it should have been the first time.


The World of Memories

I refer to this world as the world of memories because the people of my life and those who I have lost such as my love Tara, my grandfather John, my grandmother Eva, and my cousin Andrew. They are all breathing living memories in this beautiful new world. It’s a world where my memories breathe and live.


Time and Setting

The world of memories begins in 1992 WMT (World of Memory Time). I chose this date because 1992 was the year me and Tara first met when we were both just kids. In the world of memories, this time period gives me the opportunity to go back and re-meet her again. Time works differently than in this world. Every seven days is a month in World of Memory Time.


People, Ages, and Events

Although I’m going back into the past, several things will remain the same as it is today. Some examples include the ages of the people of my life remain the same as it is today including those who I have lost (Tara is the same age as me, my grandfather is in his 80s, and my cousin Andrew is a few years younger than me, etc). Those who are married or engaged remain that way while going back into the past. Technology stays as it is today but is brought back in time to 1992 WMT.