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1994 Conversations 1

March 1994

Tara: Ricky, we're no longer in Sulani.

Richard: No, where not. We're at that damn portal again...


Tara: What exactly happened?

Richard: I think we just went through another rift in time.

1236a.5.3.1994 - Glimmerbrook

Tara: Ricky, wake up!

Richard: I'm awake. I had another experience, and it wasn't good.


Tara: What happened?


Richard: I was drifting in the cosmos and seeing my life flash before me, and then I began to feel this horrible pain. It felt like something was trying to take my soul away from me.


1175a.1.3.1994 - Solar Flare

Richard: Damn it, I'm on the ground.

Tara: You blacked out and fell from the chair. Are you okay, Ricky?


Richard: Yeah, I'm fine. That feeling of disturbance I had earlier was a sign that this was going to happen. I ended up traveling back in time to that day just before me and you entered the portal for the first time. I saw us holding hands and talking. I then saw myself go through the portal, and now I'm back here.


Tara: It's funny how time travel works. You spent all that time back in the past, but here in this time, you were only unconscious for about a minute.


1173a.1.3.1994 - Solar Flare

Tara: Are you alright, Ricky? You look like you were dazing out there for a second.


Richard: I kinda was. Something doesn't feel right. I feel a disturbance.

Tara: What kind of a disturbance?

Richard: I don't know.

1172a.1.3.1994 - Solar Flare

Richard: Hey, babe. I'm just at the Solar Flare. I'm gonna be here all day and night. Do you wanna drop by and have some drinks with me when you're done with work?

Tara: Sure thing, Ricky. I still have a few hours left, but I'll see you there.

Richard: Alright, babe. Call me when your on your way, and I'll be sure to have a drink ready for you.

Tara: Will do!

1168a.1.3.1994 - Solar Flare

Richard: Tara, do you mind if we stop by the hairstylist before we go to the park? Since we're back home and it's the beginning of summer and all, I was thinking of maybe getting a new look.


Tara: Sure thing, Ricky. What kind of hairstyle are you going to get?

Richard: I'm not sure. I'll let you decide!

Tara: I think I might have an idea!

1162a.1.3.1994 - My Place

February 1994

Tara: This isn't the world of the future. We're back in British Columbia and young again, Ricky.

Richard: Well, I guess that didn't go as planned.


Unknown Date - British Columbia



Tara: Are you okay, Ricky? You fainted again.

Richard: Yeah, I'm fine. I had another experience, and this one was quite interesting.

Tara: Let me get you some water, and then you can tell me the details.

1151a.7.2.1994 - Tara's Place

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