Tara scared the heck out of me! I was making some pizza rolls for breakfast, and out of nowhere she yelled, "Hello!" I jumped, lol! I didn't hear or see her come in. I was like standing there all in shock holding my plate of pizza rolls. Tara blew me a kiss and said not to worry and that it was only her not the boogie man. What a girl, lol! Anyways, while I was enjoying my pizza rolls, me and Tara were talking. She said that the flea market is in town, and she wanted to know if I wanted to go with her. I told her that I think it would be cool if we went. It's my day of today too, so we can spend the whole afternoon browsing. Flea markets generally have good deals, and I like good deals!

After finishing up with dinner, I did a bit of piano practice. The piano is such an awesome instrument to play around with. Sometimes when I play, I just get so lost in the music. Also, I'm starting to get into this whole social sharing stuff. I uploaded a composition of mine to the web, and I already received some excellent feedback. Some gal was like, "Oh Richard, your music is so beautiful." Another gal was like, "Richard, your music just touches me." So yeah, it's pretty cool getting some positive feedback on my compositions. Anyways, I just finished doing the laundry, and now I'm about to head to bed to get a good night's rest.

I had a pretty decent day at work this evening. Sadly though, I missed out on the romance festival this time around. It would've been nice to go there again with Tara. We had such a good time the last two times we went. Anyways, I was feeling pretty damn lazy when I got home. So, I decided to have some old pancakes for dinner rather than making something fresh. Man, the pancakes were so awful! They were so gross that I felt like crying, hehe! I don't really like pancakes to begin with, so this was just bad. I regret not making a fresh meal, lesson learned!